Splace Architecture is an emerging architectural practice intended to provoke innovative and human centred designs by adopting a rather analytical approach to architectural synthesis. Splace Architecture considers space as an intrinsic aspect of human spatial behaviour, while it rejects the common consideration of space as a mere receptor of several human practices. Therefore, Splace Architecture aims at carefully orchestrating human spatial behaviours by jointly considering spatial configuration, human needs, topological and environmental aspects. Splace Architecture is currently working on several projects in residential, educational, industrial, commercial, brand and interior design spectrum. 


Our working method practices a simultaneous exploration of architectural synthesis and architectural research exploring a wide array of issues related with the built environment and human spatial behavior – a complementary relationship that drives our creative process. Splace architectural process is a collaborative path with the users of our projects and thus our workspace eliminates the boundaries between working, presenting, meeting.


Our design methodology thrives from our core values. We approach space as a complex and dynamic entity which operates as an intrinsic aspect of human spatial behaviour. Thus, we combine a wide spectrum of tools, theories & analyses that go beyond the apparent physical, functional or aesthetic parameters that govern architectural composition.  At the same time, our pre-design activities with our clients help us and guide us along the design process.