Riverland is an ongoing project in a very unique site. The site is characterized by 2 steep slopes on the left and right side of the plot and a small local river. The site has also great prospects towards the west end of Cyprus and great sunsets. 

YEAR  |  In Development       SIZE  | 13x 240sqm.      LOCATION  |   Paphos, Cyprus

A total of 13 units in a very unique site are combined together to create a Riverland.

Conceptual Design

The proposal aims to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the site and at the same time to satisfy the privacy and prospects of each housing unit. As regards the general masterplan of the project, the housing units are located on the one side of the plot and a linear green park with a local river is located on the other side of the plot.

The house design uses the unique topography of the site and proposes a housing typology which is composed by two floors that have an immediate relationship with the outdoors and a ground-floor like experience. This careful placement of the units on the slope satisfy maximum prospects for all of them and an immediate relationship of the units with the adjacent linear park.

Connectivity of Interior-Exterior

One of the major synthetic intentions is to maximise the connectivity of interior to exterior space both visually and configurationally. Thus, flexible boundaries allow the integration of exterior space to the interior and vice versa, while the strategic placement of openings and double height spaces allow the careful integration of outdoor vistas within the housing units at different occasion of the house life.

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