The clients bought two semi-detached houses and wanted to turn them into a single 4-bedroom house. Due to the fact that the structural frame was ready by the previous owners, the design had to acknowledge the characteristics of the existing structure so as to benefit the overall new proposal. 

YEAR  |  2019        SIZE  |  240sqm.      LOCATION  |   Paphos, Cyprus

The Fusion between two semi-detached buildings can provide a magnificent architecture.

Conceptual Design

‘… our house is our corner of the world…it is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the world’ (Bachelard, 1994, p. 4). By generating certain pre-design activities with our clients, we identify important aspects that we have to take into account when designing their future house.

Development – Execution

The proposal takes advantage of the existing structure and proposes a brand-new exterior and interior configuration which meets family needs. In fact, the proposal uses the existing staircase location as a boundary that disconnects physically and reconnects visually the two major entities of the house – living room and kitchen. Both entities are again linked by means of a common exterior veranda which can be completely integrated within the main house unit by means of flexible boundaries.

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