EBS | the open bakery 

The client, Epaminondas Bakery, is considered one of the best family bakeries in Cyprus, famously known for the best personally baked products. The design is intended to create a multisensory customers’ experience perfectly aligned with the brand identity and brand values which are both based on owners’ hospitality and products’ quality. 

YEAR  |  2017-18        SIZE  |  150sqm.      LOCATION  |   Paphos, Cyprus

Branded spaces “increasingly become the brand” (Sherry, 1998, p.112).

Epaminondas Bakery
Bakery in Paphos

Conceptual Design

By considering the spatial potentialities of the existing layout and by examining human spatial behaviour in space the proposal aimed at structuring maximum visibility and permeability which will allow customers to walk freely in the store and find the desirable products in the open-bakery house. In that sense, the spatial intelligibility of the layout will allow multiple routes and different ways of experiencing the products. Additionally, the natural materials, light and bright colours, green areas and approachable displays aim at promoting a warm and welcoming atmosphere that supports the ‘baked for you’ concept.

Developement & Execution

Due to the commercial character of the project, the execution period was only 2 weeks. Thus, all construction works were executed within this narrow time-frame based on a very well pre-organization of the project.

Visibility Graph Analysis

Visibility Graph Analysis was conducted by means of Depthmap X software. This analysis highlights the visually integrated and segregated parts of the shop before and after the intervention. This analysis helps us to understand how the spatial layout organisation is related with the way potential customers would experience this space.

Bakery & coffee in paphos

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