The Learning Niche constitutes an educational building for language lessons in Paphos. By considering learning as a complex experience which motivates individual’s development, our approach seeks to create an educational landscape which blends the monolithic architectural volume with the natural element that surrounds the whole site.

YEAR  |  2017-18        SIZE  |  130sqm.      LOCATION  |   Paphos, Cyprus

Learning Niche operates as an anchor to the landscape, a reference point for learning and teaching.

Marina Chrysostomou Language Learning Center Logo
Learning Center Lobby

Conceptual Design

The design of this learning centre is intended to create a multisensory learning experience which enables formal and informal educational processes to be implemented. Specifically, classrooms are carefully articulated in order to provide teachers with maximum visibility towards the waiting areas and at the same time to satisfy privacy and partial spatial segregation of the private learning spaces. The different types of learning and teaching are articulated with varying degrees of privacy by considering both visibility and permeability issues. Lastly, the classrooms’ openings are carefully placed so as to allow visual connection with the exterior greenery and at the same time their volumetric sun protections achieve ideal lighting conditions for classrooms.

Developement & Execution

The interior details support the core values of the project and the main intention for the design, since they achieve maximum visual connection between the various components of the project and ensure visual control.

Isovist analysis
Learning Center views

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